The intangible is hard, hard to grasp. The unknown is here, here and gone. I knew this would be, be that as it may. Now that it's happened, happened to stay. I await the more, more or the less. Happy to swallow, the swallow it flies. I'm ready to face it, it avoids me again.... Continue Reading →


I was whole and useful. Playing my part. The barrier between the head and the heart. I could keep you dry. You could see the stars. Concentrate me, you could even see Mars. Then a crack appeared, small and dismal. I was fine at first, only let in drizzle. But cracks aren't stagnant, they seem... Continue Reading →

Cliffs of Moher

I went to see. I went to see what I've never seen. But when I saw, I couldn't see. I only saw in front of me. I tried to see beyond the screen. But when I looked there was no green. I tried to see the distant sea. The sea I saw, it was no... Continue Reading →

A decade..

I wrote a song and created some music representing the time period from turning 25 back to when I was 15. I remember saying at that age that I wasn't going to let time take away moments from me-having it pass in the blink of an eye. Sure enough, I was wrong. This song expresses... Continue Reading →

My Brother

My brother is a poet. He is a writer. He keeps his work to himself, sharing only a small measure with those closest to him. I am not a poet but I wanted to write a semblance of a poem dedicated to him, to show my appreciation for everything he did growing up. I never... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo, Results?

First off, I wanted to apologize for not getting an article out recently. With the traveling I have been doing this month, along with the subject of this article, I have not been too focused on my writing for the site. I have found a moment amongst my travels, on a cold an rainy day... Continue Reading →

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