NaNoWriMo, Results?

First off, I wanted to apologize for not getting an article out recently. With the traveling I have been doing this month, along with the subject of this article, I have not been too focused on my writing for the site. I have found a moment amongst my travels, on a cold an rainy day no less, to discuss the big event that has been on most writers and aspiring writers’ minds.we are coming up on the end of the special writing month of November. Every writer is probably taking a moment to contemplate on there accomplishments. Some may feel like they have achieved a great success in their novel, coming up on their final milestone. Others may have a lesser view of their work, as they weren’t able to get as much accomplished as they would have liked. The truth of the matter is, NaNoWriMo isn’t a success only if you finish a novel, it’s a success if you start one.

The annual event was set up, not for ensuring the completion of every single writer’s novel, but rather for getting anyone and everyone started on their novel. NaNoWriMo is not for the writer that is self-motivated to pump out piece-after-piece. It was designed for the average Joe and Jane, an exciting push to get their hands darting across a keyboard. So many of us say: “I can’t wait to work on that novel I have,” as I alluded to in my first NaNoWriMo but this event gives that little boost for getting started.

My novel is not done. I have a lot left to do and I still want to outline the last few chapters before writing them. NaNoWriMo was not a failure to me, though. I was able to get started on something I’ve been pushing off month after month and year after year. Now that I have been able to start a good portion of it, I feel ready to take on the rest of it.

Once again, sorry I haven’t been able to get an article out until now. I hope to not go another portion of time without posting, again. Let me know in the comments below how your writing went this month!

Happy Writing!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Introvert,

-Tucker Rambles

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