My Brother

My brother is a poet. He is a writer. He keeps his work to himself, sharing only a small measure with those closest to him. I am not a poet but I wanted to write a semblance of a poem dedicated to him, to show my appreciation for everything he did growing up. I never fully expressed the respect he so rightly deserved over the years, so I thought I might do right by him, if only this once.

Strength. You wouldn’t know it when you saw it, but when you look closer it’s there. Masked by an innocence. Masked by an illusion of dissonance. Or is there consonance? I say it’s confidence. Confident in your innocence. People see you as you are but are you something more? I saw something more. I see something more.

You aren’t fooling me. The pain you hide. A broken pride. Someone’s hurt you. Did I hurt you? You’re wounded but you smile anyways. Keep pressing on despite the morning haze. Ignoring the bitter days. Enjoying the ones filled with grace. You keep pressing on. That’s Superman strength. That’s something strong.

Though it’s seems like I don’t care. Like I never cared. I care. We all care. The world is familiar with the smile you wear. The mildness you share. It’s calm and peaceful when you’re there. You bring a sense of peace everywhere. Good follows your breath in the air. Inhale so much bitterness. Exhale only the sweet and bliss. That’s Superman breath. You’re a Superman, you just don’t know it yet. But you’re a Superman.

Im proud to call you family. My brother, my friend, my MVP. The adventures we shared virtually. The pressures endured in reality. We are brothers to the end it seems. And yet how proud I am to be. Superman’s little brother. Superman’s friend and family.

Hopefully the sentiment far outweighs the lack of poetic talent. My brother is one special guy and I hope he knows that I’m proud of him and love him.

-Tucker Rambles

Your Friendly Neighborhood Introvert

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