I was whole and useful. Playing my part. The barrier between the head and the heart.

I could keep you dry. You could see the stars. Concentrate me, you could even see Mars.

Then a crack appeared, small and dismal. I was fine at first, only let in drizzle.

But cracks aren’t stagnant, they seem to grow. When winter came I let in snow.

Not just a scar, I became a hazard. My jagged edges, my world was shattered.

Soon I split and then fell to pieces. A broken dream from a few small creases.

They all saw strength, but I’m just the portal. In the middle, lies just the mortal.

And when the pieces, all disappear. Nothing changes, because I was clear.

Everyone can see, just as before. The only change? The glass is no more.

I hope you enjoyed the poem!

Tucker Rambles- Your Friendly Neighborhood Introvert

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