The intangible is hard, hard to grasp.

The unknown is here, here and gone.

I knew this would be, be that as it may.

Now that it’s happened, happened to stay.

I await the more, more or the less.

Happy to swallow, the swallow it flies.

I’m ready to face it, it avoids me again.

I’ve waited a while, while the waiting just ends.

The plan was sound, sounded it out.

I followed it closely, closing the book.

Open the binding, bind it in steel

It won’t ever leave, leave it, it’s real.

The breaking around me, means as it should.

I cannot be phased, facing the odds.

External factors, facts over fiction.

Expressing my grief, grieving in diction.

What has happened, happened never before.

Go through the motions, motion for silence.

I know it’s ending, I ended up seeing.

What you think doesn’t have it, has absolute meaning.

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