Nominated for a Liebster Award

Madhiya of Lilac Prose has nominated me for a Liebster Award! I'm grateful for the nomination and overall for the support of my articles and posts from all of my readers. I hope to continue producing quality articles, blogs, and the fan-favorite: Conversations Between Extroverts and Introverts. Thanks again Madhiya for the nomination, undeserved but... Continue Reading →

Why Outlines are Key to Writing a Novel

In my experience of attempting to write novels over the years, the amount of attempts are only equaled to the amount of failures. The excuses for not finsishing, and sometimes not even starting, range from "not enough time," or "I’ll work on it tomorrow." The truth is, though, the real reason I’ve not completed a... Continue Reading →

November 1st- NaNoWriMo Anyone?

With a new month upon us, I thought I'd post a little something about the upcoming project most writers and aspiring writers will be working on. NaNoWriMo begins today and millions of novels are getting a fresh start across the world. I have never actually tried NaNoWriMo but I will be trying this year. I... Continue Reading →

Why Introverts Are Extreme Obsessors

If you didn’t notice it already, many, if not all introverts are extremely obsessive. Those in the personality category of INFP are even more so. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Introverts and INFPs will become crazy stalkers of their celebrity crushes or compete to own the largest collection of ceramic teacups. Their obsessions don’t normally... Continue Reading →

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